Ending life as we know it – humanity on the edge of the abyss

Every day I see posts using fanciful estimates about the number of individuals our species slaughters each year. There are even suggestions (often circulated by those seeking to claim credit – and frequently, donations) that slaughter numbers are falling.

They are not falling. The slaughter of land-based species has actually increased by almost 700,000,000 since the last available statistical year. (Statistics by FAOSTAT)

The numbers above, which average at 2,374 individuals per second(!), do not include numerous other groups including:

Not one of these deaths is necessary. Not one.

Make no mistake. We are now in the midst of the fight of our lives; the fight for THEIR lives, and the fight for the very existence of our living world. We no longer have options. Anyone who tells us differently, has a vested interest in lying to us.

I should like to add one further point to ponder.

Every one of our victims is and was an individual. The world of pain and fear that was inflicted on each of them to fulfil the demands of nonvegan consumers was made no greater and no less by how many of their friends and family were suffering alongside them. To brutalise one defenceless and innocent individual without cause or conscience, is to brutalise one too many. Only by ending consumer demand for harm and killing can harm and killing cease to be profitable.

As advocates for the vegan world that has finally been recognised as the only hope for our species and the planet we share with all others, we can’t afford to relax for even a moment. We need to know the facts and we absolutely must keep our focus firmly where it needs to be; on our victims.

Be vegan.

About our dying planet: https://www.truthordrought.com/the-facts-overview

Find out about being vegan here:

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  6. Spunky Bunny says:

    Outstanding post! Thank you so much for spreading the word about the fact that in order to save life as we know it on this planet, ALL humans MUST become vegan now, and ALL the killing of animals MUST stop now. We are in an emergency situation. Drastic action by all of humanity must be taken NOW. All breeding of animals must cease immediately. All currently alive domestic animals must either be set free or cared for in loving sanctuaries. All wildlife must be protected and left alone. And human population must stop growing and dwindle down to a reasonable number that the planet can support without detriment to ecosystems and wildlife.

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