To kill vast numbers, we must ‘farm’ vast numbers

Image by Andrew Skowron

When we are not vegan, and if we consider it at all, we sometimes have the idea that the reproduction of ‘farmed’ individuals is somehow a natural process and our use of their bodies for eggs, milk and body parts is some kind of fire-fighting that’s essential to keep down numbers and prevent the human population from being overwhelmed. This is by no means true, despite the bucolic consumer fantasies encouraged by the industries that conduct these atrocities against sentient individuals for profit.

Most humans prefer not to even recognise that ‘[f]armed-animal production is and always has been based on manipulating and controlling animals’ sex lives and reproductive organs’, a quote from the excellent article linked below about the reality of our domination of the sexual functions of our victims.  As a matter of fact, some breeds such as turkeys have been so tampered with by our species for commercial gain, that they are no longer even capable of reproduction without injuring each other. Their very existence is due entirely to the most terrifying and painful, invasive and manipulative intervention by humans.

Could animal numbers escalate out of control?

On the risk of victim numbers spiralling out of control, consider this;

Recent estimates of land-animals only, (excluding literally trillions of aquatic and other victims)  place slaughter numbers at over 80 billion a year which is over 10 times the entire global human population. This global slaughter number represents over 221 million a day, over 9.2 million an hour, over 2,556 sentient individuals per second. Can you imagine that? Think of how many screams of agony have been ignored while you’ve been reading this. Think how much blood has flowed. Think how many have begged for their lives.

These numbers tell us something else though. They tell us that in order to sustain existing numbers of defenceless individuals ‘farmed’ to meet consumer demand so we can do it all again next year, over 2,556 individuals per second are being brought into the world with their dates in the slaughterhouse planned in advance.

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality
This image depicts the customary method of inseminating a cow. She is tethered and an arm is thrust into her rectum to hold her uterus steady so that the insemination rod in her vagina may be targeted accurately.

This is never a natural process. Those who ‘farm’ lives are required to maintain strict records and inventories about their victims who for them are business assets.  This procedure is made possible only through utter control of every single aspect and moment of their victims’ existence.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever of the human population being overwhelmed by other species. All we need to do to reduce existing numbers is to stop contriving them to exist by causing them to breed.

Find out the facts. We owe it to our victims and we owe it to ourselves to know what is being done in our name.

And then be vegan. Because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Interspecies Sexual Assault – A Moral Perspective:

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