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Cruelty to animals

If ever there was a phrase that seems so clear but hides so much, then this is it. We all say we hate it, we all agree with those who say they oppose it, and we all condemn those who … Continue reading

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Cruelty free?

‘Cruelty’ is behaviour which causes physical or mental harm to another. The word ‘cruelty’ is one of the most overused words amongst those who claim to have concern for animals. How often we hear the words, ‘I don’t believe in cruelty to … Continue reading

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Animal cruelty – the solution

So many of us declare that we care about nonhumans. We make a big thing of it. I hear it every day from people in all walks of life. ‘I love animals’, ‘I wouldn’t be without my pets’, ‘I don’t … Continue reading

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