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For Earth Day: thoughts about speciesism, biophilia and veganism

Today, I learned a new word. As someone fascinated by words, finding this one gave a name to a notion that has become more acute in my recent years as an advocate and blogger, and it prompted thoughts that I’d … Continue reading

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In memory of friends

Many of us who share our homes and our lives with a cat, with a dog or with some other nonhuman companion(s) have had to face the experience of agreeing to euthanise them when veterinary medicine can no longer keep their pain … Continue reading

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Thoughts about ‘waste’

The notion of ‘waste’ as it pertains to substances derived from nonhumans is frequently a subject of heated debate. I see the topic mentioned most often in relation to eggs, but the practice of ‘waste prevention’ is also defended in connection with the wool sheared from the … Continue reading

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How do I know we care?

I suppose it’s a fair question. Here I am, pouring out my heart about animals; why do I think anyone is interested? Why do I think anyone cares? Maybe it’s just me….? Certainly I’ve had comments and messages to the … Continue reading

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Spotlighting speciesism

Every single ‘product’ we take or manufacture from the bodies of nonhuman individuals, every single use we make of their lives, involves some practice that we would consider completely unacceptable if it were to be done to a human. We would be … Continue reading

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Lessons in Applied Speciesism

Originally posted on Striving with Systems:
By Justin Van Kleeck i. The memory of picking up Orion and Hikaru, our first rescued roosters, from the shelter is still vivid, albeit with the fuzzy edges of most past memories. In contrast…

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Thoughts on the meaning of life

At one time or another we have all said, ‘It’s my life,’ and we have all been told, ‘It’s your life’. We all understand and are deeply aware of this concept, that no matter how we may seek to influence another human, … Continue reading

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The Arrogance of Intelligence Culture: Animal Rights and Emotions

Originally posted on Adrain on Society:
I am wary of making assumptions about what animals know, feel and understand, as each of our past assumptions are refuted, like the steady dripping of a leaky tap, with every day that passes.…

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On Morality: Are Human Animals Superior To Nonhuman Animals?

Originally posted on The Legacy Of Pythagoras:
In my opinion, the most fundamental problem in AR debates right now is the fact that we are not continuously addressing the myth that humans are morally superior to nonhumans. This idea needs…

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One problem, one solution

One problem or many? It is not surprising that there is so much confusion in the ‘animal rights’ movement. It is all too easy to be misled into thinking that there are lots of different problems, and a range of different … Continue reading

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