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‘Humane’ and other fantasies

Many of us know that breaches of the regulations that govern the treatment of animals do occur. But consider something else, if you will. There is such a thing as ‘best practice’, of ‘animal husbandry’ done by the book. Pristine … Continue reading

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One little hen

A little hen. Picture her. She’s sentient, she’s unique; her mind thinks complex thoughts, she knows so many things, but has never known freedom. She sits in her twilight world hemmed in by others on all sides, her frail little … Continue reading

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Bright Aisles, Dark Alleys

Originally posted on Great Middle Way:
―a brief address by Tashi Nyima to the Richardson Interfaith Alliance (TX) during the Thanksgiving Observance There is a quote in tonight’s program that reads: “Having abandoned the taking of life, refraining from the…

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Loving all animals

This morning, one of the cats who share my home is ill and I’m counting the minutes until our appointment with the vet. I don’t know what’s wrong but as I gaze into her stricken eyes, I see faith and … Continue reading

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Is comparing humans and nonhumans justified?

Sentience is all that matters So often when I speak to nonvegans they smirk, and then they tell me, ‘stop all this talk of suffering and exploitation, I think you’re taking things to extremes, comparing humans with other animals’. This … Continue reading

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Painful truth or comforting lies

There is absolutely no morally relevant difference between human beings and those nonhuman beings upon whom we prey. We are all self aware. We form family and social bonds and share relationships with others. The mother and  child bond is particularly strong and … Continue reading

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The walking dead

Every day I pass scenes like these. I used to smile foolishly at the sight, thinking an image like this was beautiful and that it was the essence of what country life represented. Now I can scarcely bear to look … Continue reading

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Obscene phrase of the day: bred for eating

‘bred for eating’ (variation: ‘bred for food’) This is so frequently uttered triumphantly by those seeking to justify their eating habits. How could we ever have become thus; a species that claims exoneration for victimising the vulnerable with a declaration that as this … Continue reading

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It’s all about sentience

The beings whom we exploit are sentient, a quality that we, as humans, share. Sentience is an attribute whereby a being is self aware. Sentient beings have an interest in avoiding pain and in remaining alive. They experience life and … Continue reading

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