Twelve years. Twelve.

With the latest reputable science predicting a maximum of 12 years before climate change becomes completely unstoppable no matter what we do, there is literally no time left to mince words.

The use of sentient individuals for ‘meat’ (their dead flesh), ‘dairy’ (their breast milk products), their eggs and other body parts, is not some community-spirited labour of love which should be propped up and subsidised by governments using the public purse.

Bringing defenceless creatures into the world for the sole purpose of making money from using them to death, an activity euphemistically known as ‘farming’, is a business; it exists to make money, wields breathtaking political and financial influence and is unscrupulous in its advertising and self-promotion.  Despite this, at its heart it is driven by consumer demand as all supply businesses are.

Science has clearly shown that we have no need to consume other individuals and that such behaviour is associated with disease and ill-health. Environmental alarm bells have been ringing for years, but finally the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet, has clearly demonstrated that we simply must stop our irresponsible and unsustainable activities or face the dire and inevitable consequences.

No need to panic ..?

We belong to a culture numbed into apathy by a media where propaganda mouthpieces broadcast their vested interests alongside reputable journalism; a world where popular ‘newspapers’ are owned by the wealthy and privileged and used openly to shape and influence public opinion; a society that eagerly snaps up all forms of media that provoke interest and sales by false sensationalism. The result of exposure to the endless and unfounded sensationalism is that many of us now find it difficult to recognise true peril when we hear of it.

Yet here we are, as the year 2018 draws to its close. Along with every single member of our species, we have all reached a crisis point in our lives; a time when our own future, that of our children, and of the entire planet  as we know it, is hanging in the balance. Whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, we are facing what may quite literally be the beginning of the end of life on this planet.

It begins and ends with us

Our species is needlessly killing almost 75 billion land-based and an estimated 2.7 trillion aquatic victims every year. As individual consumers, we are responsible for this bloodbath with every purchase we make and we no longer have time to wait for those who make money from animal use to hold up their hands and admit what is destroying the world and endangering us all. In another few years it’s truly going to be too late and I can guarantee there will be no comfort in blaming corporations and industries for what we should have acted upon ourselves. Indeed, it all comes down to us in the end.

So what do we need to do?

This is the age of Google. We all need to check out the facts and then act – as individuals.

There’s no denying that we need to be more responsible in almost every area of our lives but the single most significant step is the one we all say we believe in anyway; the one that allows us to live in line with the values we all claim to have. We all like to think of ourselves as decent and honourable; people who take a stand against injustice and defend those who are defenceless and innocent. It makes us feel good when we consider that these values apply to us. However, when we’re not vegan, they don’t. It’s really that simple; being vegan is simply becoming the people we actually think we are already.

By rediscovering the humanity that we lost as a species so long ago, and by respecting our needless victims and becoming vegan, we may yet save ourselves and our world, but time is running desperately short.

Be vegan.

So much depends on it. Everything, in fact.


For all the most accurate information on the planetary crisis, see: and



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8 Responses to Twelve years. Twelve.

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  7. Spunky Bunny says:

    You’re absolutely right- there is no time to mince words. Eating, breeding, enslaving, and killing animals is a crime against nature and Earth. I feel profound resentment against those who continue to destroy animals and the Earth. Shame on them. Shame. Shame.

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