A thought for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time when we traditionally remember our mothers with love and with gratitude. If we are mothers ourselves, it’s a time when we spend time with families, celebrating and reinforcing the special bond between mother and child, no matter how many years have passed since the day we opened our arms and our hearts to those who, no matter their age, will be our children until our dying breath.

We mothers share a unique understanding, we know each other’s darkest fears. We know what keeps a mother awake though the silent hours when our desperate need to protect our children takes advantage of exhaustion to feed the fears that we dare not name.

Motherhood is not a uniquely human experience, as anyone will know who has watched the tender devotion lavished by mothers of every species upon their unique and treasured infants, borne of the labour of their bodies, as they are welcomed into the world with breathless wonder.

When we use the milk, the eggs, the flesh, or other body parts of members of other species to consume, to wear, or for the multitude of hideous purposes that our species has devised, there’s something we shirk from facing. However today, in the true spirit of Mother’s Day, let’s face the truth so we can start to dispel the nightmare.

Milk_industry_22 Commons.jpgWhen we use other individuals for any purpose, each fundamental practice demands the pitiless exploitation of the maternal reproductive process; the taking, the harming and the killing of their children. This is always the case and no matter what we are told to the contrary, there is no ‘humane’ way to do this. In fact, we are doing to other sentient mothers, the one thing that we ourselves could never face; the thing that haunts our nightmares.

There is no need for us to do this, none at all. We can thrive, and our children can thrive, without inflicting harm on others. All we need to do is to step away from the myths that we have been taught all our lives, to look with fresh eyes and common sense.  And then, as so many of us have done already, say, ‘Enough. I refuse to inflict my darkest fears on any other mother’.

Today is a good day to do that. Let Mother’s Day be for all mothers. Be vegan.

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