295694_10151364397032669_1843888091_nIf we had only seen that lamb begging for life, trembling and crying amid the stench of blood and the screams of his friends;
If we had heard his panic as he begged to go back to his mother, to the comfort of her voice and her warm sweet milk;
If we had seen his fear and his horror, his longing for the joy of the springtime fields that was gone forever;
We could never have thought of celebrating our festivals with his broken and desecrated body on our plates.
A peaceful world starts with each of us. Be vegan. It’s the right thing to do.

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4 Responses to Lamb

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  2. Thank you for writing this touching piece – and for being a vegan.


  3. cushpigsmum says:

    Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    Seeing them in the fields, knowing what awaits them, my heart is sore. Knowing it is all unnecessary brings more sorrow. Humans do not need the flesh of animals inside their bodies for nourishment. Humans are not natural predators. Humans may live on earth in peace and harmony with all Nature and all beings, if they choose. Go vegan. Start creating that peaceable kingdom today.


  4. Peter Schreiner says:

    If only they had seen, had known the price. This, a beautiful peace, though terribly sad tribute to those past and those yet to suffer the same.


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