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A thought about what ‘better’ means

All of us are sentient individuals, the majority of whom have never been confined, never been tortured, never been mutilated deliberately and without anaesthesia, never been forcibly impregnated, never had our babies taken from us, never been hooked up to milk … Continue reading

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Painful truth or comforting lies

There is absolutely no morally relevant difference between human beings and those nonhuman beings upon whom we prey. We are all self aware. We form family and social bonds and share relationships with others. The mother and  child bond is particularly strong and … Continue reading

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Looking for answers

I’m sure that I am not alone in looking for a better world, seeking the universal law that brings an end to violence, to wars and starvation, to the destruction of our environment, yearning for the answer to ‘life, the universe and … Continue reading

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