Thought for a spring day

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals

Returning home from an errand to Edinburgh at 6 am, I am haunted by images of so many chicken death trucks. Even now when I close my eyes, I see them still. Like a viscous wave, I feel the cloying draught of their passing, smell the acrid stench of terror clutching at me. The temperature is 4 degrees on a day when heat is expected, so the curtain sided trucks are open to the bitter chill. Each infant who huddles, a crouching pale blur within the blue and yellow crates, has endured about 42 dawns, days marking out the profit-driven span of their misery.

Fighting nausea as I drive behind, I watch the few, stray, baby feathers, swirling, falling, disappearing. They flutter in the chilly air like snow onto the windscreen. These feathers know a freedom that their trembling infant owners will never know; swirled on a spring breeze that they have never felt until today; glinting in the cool sunshine they will never feel except today, their death day, on this convoy from hell, to hell.

I know what awaits these defenceless little ones; the shackles, the shock that stuns the fortunate, the agony, the scalding tanks, the blades. There are no ears willing to heed their despair, their terror, as they face the nightmare, lonely for the mothers that they never knew; innocent, helpless and afraid in the place where the blood flows and death awaits.

These doomed infants are paying the real price for the demands of every single shopper scooping bloodless packages of flesh into their trolley, paying with their blood and their agony, the real cost of every single, casual, thoughtless ‘I’ll just have the chicken, please’ in a cafe or a restaurant.

Knowing the horror, who would willingly support it?

Please. Let today be the day you say, ‘Not in my name.’

Be vegan.

Start finding out about being vegan here:

Do we need to eat animals?

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3 Responses to Thought for a spring day

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for an extremely well-written post on this particularly heartbreaking aspect of it all. Those awful trucks are a rolling horror. Still, some lowdown people like to titter and say, “There go my mcnuggets” and such other rot.

    “Not in my name.” Exactly! The more sociopathic anti-vegan activists like to say it doesn’t matter what vegans do, the animals will all still be grown and slaughtered. Well, those not bred to fill my plate are never born, and none of it is any longer being done for me.

    Anti-vegan activists are angry because it’s being done IN THEIR NAMES and they don’t want anyone else escaping that bad place they’re in, and the even worse karma they have to pay for it. If they turn around and go vegan, sooner rather than later, they too can escape that bad place.


  2. Ruby sandhu says:

    Please can you add twitter feed so I can tWeet this.

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    • Hi and thanks for getting in touch. Please note that there is a button at the bottom of each of my blogs for sharing on Twitter as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, WordPress, Tumblr and Reddit. If you’re unable to access these, please let me know and I’ll see if I can establish the reason.


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