Just another crank

The ONLY way to stop harming animals is to be vegan. It’s the least we can do.

In the past, every time I saw that in a post, you know what used to happen?

I used to think, ‘Well that’s what ‘extremists’ say, but of course that doesn’t apply to me.  That’s not about people here, people like me. I care about animals; I think it’s wrong to harm them.’ Does that sound familiar?

My thoughts continued, ‘I’m sure that using animals is a necessary evil but I look for the ‘best’ labels, the most expensive brands, the most ‘humane products’.  Of course I know about all these awful things that people do, but they don’t happen here. That’s what happens in other countries.’

Are you sitting there, shaking your head, thinking those same thoughts that I used to think? Maybe you’re quietly congratulating yourself for proving me mistaken.  Maybe you’re feeling slight sympathy for someone you consider to be another misguided crank.

Well, just as I was when I thought these thoughts, you’re wrong. I was. Dead wrong. Wrong at the cost of the lives of more than 74,000,000,000 land individuals and trillions of individual fishes and marine creatures each year; each of them sentient; each of them desperate to live unharmed.

Can any of us afford to be so wrong, when the facts are within reach? And if we resist seeking out those facts, what does that say about us, our values, our integrity, our sincerity?

No matter what euphemistic names we call the substances we buy, using others for their dead flesh, for their breast milk, for their eggs, as laboratory test subjects, as entertainment or for any other reason is not a ‘necessary evil’. As human animals, we have no need to consume others, no need to participate in lifelong, cross-species breastfeeding, no need to manipulate the bodies of female birds to produce eggs to consume at the cost of their health and wellbeing. Without need, we have no justification at all for creating a victim out of every creature that we use.

None of it is necessary and only those who have much to lose financially, or who are ignorant of the science, will tell you otherwise. So, as I did, we must each ask ourselves what a ‘necessary evil’ truly is, when it is shown to be unnecessary.

There are many links within this post, and links in abundance elsewhere in this blog; I hope you’ll explore. It’s up to each of us to act as our conscience demands. When our decisions and our actions are guided by the truth, we cannot help but realise that the ONLY way to stop harming animals is to be vegan. It’s the least we can do.

Be vegan.


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