How do you know someone is vegan?

‘Don’t worry, they’ll soon tell you.’ It’s probably true.

‘I’m vegan.’ They’re words many of us say several times a day. Yet contrary to those who mock and ridicule, the words have nothing to do with what I’d choose on a menu; I say the words because it’s the neatest way to describe the standard of behaviour that I expect of myself.

For me, the words encompass everything that I am, everything that motivates me, explain the reason that I strive endlessly to find a way to shine a light on the breathtaking lies we are each brought up to believe and to sustain by mutual repetition; the lie that we need to use other animals to thrive; the lie that we all love these same animals that we needlessly subject to the most sickening violence every single day.

While everyone is agreeing about how much they despise the needless horrors that humans inflict on every other species, ‘I’m vegan’, is the ONLY way there is to express the fact that to us, not only do we agree that it’s utterly wrong to harm other individuals for no reason, but we reflect that agreement in every action that we take, every day of our lives. For us, it’s real. We live the words.

Those who can’t say ‘I’m vegan’ may mock and they may ridicule, but each of us must one day face ourselves in the mirror and hear the voice of our conscience in the silence of our thoughts.

Our words say so much about each of us. What do your words say about you?

Find out about veganism here:

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4 Responses to How do you know someone is vegan?

  1. I completely agree! It’s so much more than just food choices!!

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  2. You put this very well. Being vegan is the most important aspect of my personality, I think. I love my family and I love animals and plants, but many people do or say they do. It’s by being vegan that we can really live the way we should, if we really love animals. Anything else would either mean being completely naive and unaware (as many children can be) or a hypocrite as many adults are.

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  3. Alys says:

    Love this. Sometimes I get embarrassed to tell people I’m vegan because of all the stereotypes, so I normally don’t tell people unless I have to. This is a more positive way of seeing it though!

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  4. Bill Ziegler says:

    Thank you for these beautiful, powerful and profound words. I have heard those tired and dreadful “How can you tell” jokes so often too. Your post is gentle and necessary.
    “…face ourselves in the mirror and hear the voice of our conscience in the silence of our thoughts.” So very poignant.
    The eyes have it.

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