The value of honesty – thoughts

Imagine you are face to face with two people. They are both keen for you to see things their way, but there’s a key difference between them.

Person 1

Although you’re not exactly sure how they do it (because they make absolutely sure you don’t), person 1 makes untold billions of $/£ every year; spends billions of $/£ on the most skilled marketers money can buy, to make sure that they manipulate your opinions to see things their way.

In press and on TV, in magazines and every type of media they incessantly present their products with a slant that makes them seem nice, normal and very desirable. They suggest that they’re necessary for your health and omit to mention that so many of the ‘studies‘ that suggest this were commissioned by themselves. They do this to protect their financial interests; so that you will keep buying their products, making sure that you continue to spend billions each year by buying what they sell. Their products are so normalised that most people are unaware just how insidiously they are being manipulated.

Person 2

The other person – let’s call them person 2 – has not a single thing to sell and nothing personal to gain. All they have is truth and sincerity. They want only to help you to realise the consequences of your actions as a consumer of the other’s products in the same way that they once did themselves. All they want is to provide you with truthful information that will allow you to see that by buying into the business of the other person, you are completely contradicting everything you think you believe in.

The no-brainer

Well let’s face it – it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? In every single area of life and living we learn that someone whose income depends on making sure their product appeals to consumers is going to tell those consumers WHATEVER it takes to get them to part with their cash. Truth isn’t even on the agenda. Open lying is now called ‘spoof advertising‘.  That’s life in the real world. We all know this. There are no scruples in marketing, it’s all about money.

But let’s look again at these two in front of us. Who are they? Whom do they represent?

Taking off the masks

The first one, person 1, represents the massive industries that sell us the desecrated body parts, the breast milk, the eggs, the very lives of our fellow sentient beings as if they were nothing more than things. They rely on public ignorance and play on their fears and insecurities.

The other, person 2, represents those whose sole aim is to make known the truth; to shine a light on the horror, the violence, the terror and the gore that is hidden behind closed doors as the inevitable consequence of fulfilling our demands as consumers; that occurs the moment we allow ourselves to reduce other individuals to resources and commodities. Person 2 seeks to make known the proven fact that every facet of person 1’s industry is catastrophic for their victims, for the planet and even for our health as humans.  Person 2 represents the billions of land dwelling individuals and the trillions of aquatic beings who are the innocent, brutalised victims of person 1.

So my question is this.

Why is it that once we find out who these two people are, why is it that all our common sense flies straight out the window and we champion the one who has a vested interest in lying to us while vilifying the one who tells the truth?

We all value honesty. Isn’t it time we recognised it? Be honest. Be vegan.

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6 Responses to The value of honesty – thoughts

  1. cushpigsmum says:

    Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink.


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  3. Laura says:

    Excellent article, much needed points, effectively stated, for people to GET IT. Thank you!

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  4. Lynda Mathieson says:

    Good piece! Lx

    On 14 November 2017 at 11:24, There’s an Elephant in the Room blog wrote:

    > There’s an Elephant in the Room posted: ” Imagine you are face to face > with two people. They are both keen for you to see things their way, but > there’s a key difference between them. Person 1 Although you’re not exactly > sure how they do it (because they make absolutely sure you don’t), pers” >

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  5. Spunky Bunny says:

    Very few people want to face the fact that they are being lied to, and psychologically and emotionally manipulated… in other words- brainwashed. The masses are selling their souls so that they can fit in with a society that reduces other individuals to resources and commodities. Anyone who goes against the status quo is considered a traitor to the human species. People WANT to hurt animals because it makes them feel powerful and superior. The masses aren’t hearing the vegan message because they DON’T WANT to hear it. They vilify anything that goes against the status quo or that makes them feel they might be doing something wrong. I was brainwashed by the society I was born into. But I woke up and saw the truth. What is it about some of us that we can rise above the brainwashing unlike the masses? For me, it was compassion for all living beings, a profound sense of justice for all, and a sense of right and wrong.

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