Thought for the day

cows-1209635_960_720Humans bring sentient individuals into existence through callous and unnatural manipulation of their reproductive processes for the sole purpose of using them as a resource that we have NO nutritional or other need for.

We tear apart their families, confine and use them in complete disregard of their every right to own their own bodies and their own lives.

We restrain them so we can test chemicals on their skin, in their eyes and by forcing them to ingest large doses; we take the milk they made for the infants we have killed. Through selective breeding we have altered an entire species so that their tiny bodies are time bombs, then we confine them so they will lay vast quantities of eggs. We pluck and shave their body coverings. We are ‘entertained’ by having forced their gentle innocence to submit to our domination.

And after all our callous, thoughtless, and brutally violent use, we flay, dismember, use, consume and excrete their corpses.

To top it all, we tell ourselves and anyone who will listen how much we care about animals and obsess over their treatment while they await the final horror of a slaughterhouse, conveniently overlooking the fact that death, for most, will be more horrific than we can ever imagine. We love to gloss over the bit where they actually must still be alive when their throats are hacked open so that their panicking hearts can pump out their precious lifeblood. We cannot distance ourselves from what is done in our name; the fact that we hand over money for the end result means that we have paid the wage of every one whose hands have tormented, and hacked and sawed.

None of this can ever fit in with any image we may cherish of ourselves as caring human beings. Just because society turns a blind eye to the brutality we inflict on those who cannot defend themselves, does not make it right.

It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and face up to the lies we tell ourselves. We must live true to our own principles and that means stepping away from the pack and saying, ‘Enough’.

That’s what we do when we become vegan. Why wait another day?

Find out about veganism here:

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