The tyrant in the mirror

calf-244026_960_720pbEvery day in the media we are outraged by the behaviour of tyrants and despots. We declare our support for those whose basic rights are being denied. We are horrified by brutality and by senseless killing. We are sickened when we hear of torture and of unjustifiable imprisonment. We shed tears for the victims of oppression, for the mothers and fathers who mourn their lost families and friends, for the orphaned children whose worlds have been shattered.

And yet when we are not vegan, we are directly responsible for all of these actions, and many more. Every one of these is an unavoidable part of the process of using others as resources; the actions that we insist upon for the completely unnecessary products that we demand as consumers.

We have been taught that those individuals of other species whom we use ‘don’t mind’, or that they ‘don’t feel pain’ or that they ‘don’t understand’. But they do; they mind, they know; they know fear, and they know anguish and they hurt more than we could ever understand. Our sentient victims value their lives; these lives that we hack from them in blood and in terror, these lives that we destroy on a whim.

We all like to consider that we are fair and honourable, standing up for justice and defending the helpless and innocent. The words sound brave and noble, but they are meaningless as long as our own behaviour embodies everything we condemn. On the day we decide to put those values into action, we have no choice but to become vegan. Please make that day today.

Find out about being vegan here:

The myth of ‘humane use’:

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3 Responses to The tyrant in the mirror

  1. Graeme M says:

    Everyone thinks it’s normal. Circle of life and all that. They can’t quite get their heads around the fact that we have perverted a natural behaviour into the most unnatural evil. They honestly imagine that going to the shop to buy lamb chops is somehow the same as our primitive ancestors bringing down a free-living gazelle.


  2. syskeller says:

    Than you 😉


  3. I agree that it’s extremely hard not to resent those who continue to consider that nonhumans are theirs to use and consume, but I also must agree with squeezeplayfigures that there are many amongst these people who would become vegan if we can only find the way to reach them. It’s important to remember where we all started out and very few of us were raised vegan. If we hate those whose actions conflict with the values they hold, then there was a time when I must have been hated and thought of as insane and evil. Despite this, I tried really hard to live a decent life, signing petitions and donating to charities and truly thought I was a good person. However looking back, I definitely wasn’t vegan so I was leaving a trail of harm and bloodshed in my wake. Some would call my former self a hypocrite but in truth I was simply ignorant. And I have to admit that if someone had attacked me verbally or physically, accusing me of evil and insanity, the chances are that I would have withdrawn into myself and never heard the message that I really needed to hear. So now I try to encourage others to take the road I once took.

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