The charade that disowns violence

1014001_620657274634557_1708352362_nNo matter how much we claim to ‘love animals’ and ‘hate cruelty’, no matter how many people we tell, how many inspirational quotes we share, there is no getting round the fact that being vegan is the only way to make our actions align with our words.

When we are not vegan, we live in the midst of a web of violence, supporting violence, spending our cash as consumers creating demand for violence and ensuring that the bloodbath that is nonvegan consumer demand will continue to be profitable for those who supply it. We take part in an elaborate charade, pointing our fingers at others whose behaviour towards animals we feel entitled to criticise, disowning our own participation in the horror through this charade.

We smile and we chat as we walk round supermarkets wearing wool and silk and leather, deliberating over nonvegan toiletries and cleaning substances; with recipes in mind, scooping up dismembered body parts, stolen eggs, and the milk and cheese that rightfully belonged to murdered infants. Doing this, we strive to remain wilfully blind to the destroyed lives, to the anguished hearts and to the fear and torment of gentle creatures that were powerless against the human brutality that needlessly and forcibly used them in order to manufacture these substances.

These products are not ‘our meat’, our cheese’, ‘our milk’, in fact they are not ‘ours’ in any way, full stop. Calling them ‘ours’ is simply part of the charade of entitlement that we play out in our heads every day. We look around and see our peers doing exactly the same as we are doing and we reassure ourselves that it must be okay – everyone does it. Yet despite allowing the mob to dictate our behaviour, every single one of us would resist the idea that we are anything other than free thinking, independent individuals.

Other beings are not human resources, not commodities for our use and convenience. They belong to themselves, these mothers, fathers, children and friends, as sentient individuals, whose lives we stole long before their gashed throats bled out onto our killing floors. They are our unnecessary victims and there are uncounted billions of them every year, not living in hope and joy, but existing in misery, desperation and defeat.

The violence that surrounds us is of our own making, as is the responsibility for ending it. By acknowledging and acting upon that responsibility we take the first step to changing the world. Today is a great day to decide to stop participating in the charade and become vegan.


About veganism:
The myth of ‘humane exploitation’:
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10 Responses to The charade that disowns violence

  1. “willfully blind” says it all. I just started a series on my blog about my journey towards veganism. I remember how angry I was when I found out about how the meat, dairy and egg industries spend millions on campaigns to mislead people into thinking that consuming animal products is a necessity and that it is good for you… the unnecessary suffering of animals, the detriment of our health and environment all for profit.

    ~”Be Veg. Get Fit. Live Well. “~


  2. cushpigsmum says:

    People like my mother bother me the most. So generous to animal charities but so blinkered about the animals she eats at every meal. I could cry sometimes. Every bite is the abuse of some poor pig or lamb or chicken. I don’t understand it at all. She has more love and sympathy for cuddly toys than real lambs or calves.


  3. cushpigsmum says:

    Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    I hate violence. It is why I am vegan. Being vegan might save the world, it might not, but being vegan is about living my values. Peace, non violence, a dream of a world where we don’t keep endorsing cruelty. If individual humans are violent and cruel in thought, word or deed, this makes the human race, violent and cruel. We are, as a species, the sum of our individual actions and responses to the world about us.

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  4. Spunky Bunny says:

    I come eye-to-eye with nonvegans and their charade every day. When I speak of the cruelty and violence, they nod their heads enthusiastically agreeing with every word I say… claiming to “love animals too”, and “yes, cruelty is wrong”, etc…… all the while CAUSING the very violence and cruelty they PRETEND to oppose every time they sit down to a meal or put on those leather shoes. They are so totally in DENIAL about their actions. Their words and actions are in direct opposition to each other, yet they don’t see it. If nonvegans only knew what we ethical vegans think of them- their hypocrisy, their complete lack of integrity, their seeming madness.

    Being vegan is the easiest thing in the world. To make it easy when first starting out, simply eat EXACTLY the same foods you eat now… only SUBSTITUTE the veganized versions of them. There is a vegan substitute for EVERY food you now eat. It is so unbelievably EASY… there just is no excuse. Make your favorite foods from the millions of vegan recipes you can find online. Shop for vegan versions of foods you now eat on websites like “” or “”. Learn how easy it is to eat vegan food in restaurants, even fast-food restaurants (google it!)! Find out all the vegan foods available in every town’s major grocery store. They are there, right under your nose. The main large grocery store chain here in my area of central Texas (HEB), is stocking more and more vegan food every day. A person could easily become vegan overnight simply by reaching for the vegan product in front of them instead of the nonvegan product at the grocery store. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

    So stop being a HYPOCRITE. PROVE that you have integrity. BE the GOOD person you THINK you are.

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    • Sharon says:

      Amen. When I finally learned the truth about animal agriculture, I went vegan overnight. It hasn’t been hard at all. Even better, I have lost a good amount of weight…all that stubborn weight I could not get rid of before. It’s disappeared easily. I call that good karma!


  5. JMC says:

    Thank YOU for this and all that you do

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  7. Janet Johns says:

    Totally agree. I am already vegan. It is the only way to stop the cruelty.

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