Milk means misery


This is not a thing, an object, a commodity or a resource.

This is a sentient mother, who has recently had her beloved baby stolen from her despite her frantic and desperate efforts to protect her infant. She is anguished and heartbroken. If her child was male, he was most likely slaughtered, bewildered and afraid, at days or weeks old depending on the relevant local veal ‘industry’; if her child was female, she will be raised apart from her mother, to endure a similar existence of exploitation and torment.

You may ask how on earth such an awful thing could be allowed to happen?

It happens because ordinary consumers buy dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cream and cheese. It happens because no matter where we live, that is the method by which dairy substances are obtained and despite our determined clinging to our nursery fantasies, there is no other way to induce lactation in a mammal. Our culture and upbringing does not encourage us to realise this, but once we do, it’s a truth we can never again ignore.

Please also be aware that the vast majority of products marketed as ‘vegetarian’ also contain milk or milk products such as whey. Mounting medical evidence shows that dairy substances derived from nonhumans are so harmful to humans that I am sickened at my ignorance not only for consuming these, but for feeding them to my family in bygone days. My life would have been a totally different one, had I read this post 40+ years ago.

Labels like ‘free range’, ‘grass fed’, ‘humane’, ‘organic’ and ‘welfare approved’ are simply marketing ploys that mean absolutely nothing from the victim’s perspective. Many who care about animals yet who still consume dairy substances are simply falling for the marketing hype. Duped by massive industries into believing that there is an ‘ethical’ way to perpetrate this horror, and with their enormous power as consumers, nonvegans are actually paying for this gentle mother to be forcibly impregnated and to have her baby taken from her year after year, until at five or six years old her body, heart and spirit are defeated and broken.

When her milk production starts to decline, her final ‘reward’ is the terror, stench and gore of a slaughterhouse where, suspended by chains from one hind leg, her throat is hacked open so that she dies from loss of blood. If she is fortunate (and many are not, remaining aware of the knives and saws), her death will occur before she is dismembered for her exhausted body parts, to become cheap ‘meat’, gelatin, leather etc.

If you are horrified by this, I understand your disgust. That’s exactly how I felt when I found out the truth. I can only hope you hear the ring of truth and sincerity in my words. Only by becoming vegan can we reject our part in the suffering of lactating nonhuman mothers of all species – cows, goats and sheep are all treated in the same way.

Why would we wait another moment to stop being part of this?

Find out about dairy here.

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  1. lovegan says:

    This is why vegetarian is not enough 😦
    May the New Year be happy for everybody, may they all be safe

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