How do you do?


When we meet others. even in the most casual of circumstances, we share information about ourselves, glean information about those whom we meet. Through this sharing, we find common interests, experiences and outlooks and we subconsciously assess the nature of any future relationship we may have with them or reaffirm our existing bonds.

If I were to list the things that I consider are important about me and my experience in life I will tell you that I’m vegan because it’s the main thing there is to know about me. It sums up my values and all the lessons life has taught me. Veganism has become synonymous with who I am as a person and to tell you that I am vegan is actually baring my soul.

So if you are not vegan, the next time you hear that someone is, please hold back on the hilarity for a moment and consider the sincerity that underlies these words. Consider how this word ‘vegan’ can describe the most important thing there is to know about another person and give serious thought to looking into it further. You may find you have more common ground than you thought.

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  1. cushpigsmum says:

    Thank you for another great post. I find myself reblogging nearly all of yours, which means I have some great material on my own blog, without having to do any work at all! Thank you again. You write so well, and make so many good points, and say everything I would say if I were writing on these topics. Your blogs are a fantastic resource for vegans. I forward them to friends on my email list – Christians who I am trying to educate about why they, as believers in the God of Love, should be vegan. It is working. They are beginning to listen.

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