Dairy: the brutal choice


Almost every single trolley wheeled past me in the supermarket contains dairy ‘products’. Shoppers chat to each other, smile and laugh, either oblivious or uncaring of the harm for which every one of their nonvegan choices is directly responsible.

However in my mind I hear the sobs and cries of bewildered, frightened infants trembling as they await death, longing for the warmth and comfort that is ‘mother’ in any language. I ache for their bereft, grieving mothers, bellowing their hopeless love and despair as they are forced to deny their precious life-giving milk to their cherished infants so that humans can steal it, pumping it from their victims with their cold steel machinery.

Those who tell themselves that using dairy is ‘natural’ and causes no harm are fooling themselves. It is hard to conceive of a more unnatural, more brutal, more unjust and deeply immoral practice than the forced manipulation of the reproductive processes of any sentient female – whether she be a cow, a goat, a sheep or any other species – to induce lactation that humans then treat as a resource for themselves.

Every non-human mother and child involved in the obscene process is regarded as a commodity and for every single one, the road leads sooner or later to the stench and the gore of the slaughterhouse.

Ditch the dairy – do it today. Be vegan because it’s the decent thing to do.

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5 Responses to Dairy: the brutal choice

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  5. cushpigsmum says:

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    Badger lovers, animal lovers, people concerned about the environment and any woman wishing to minimise her risk of developing breast or cervical cancer – all of you need to ditch dairy.


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