Sentient beings are not ‘things’


If we care about other beings but we are not vegan, then there is only one way we could live with ourselves.

That’s by an elaborate pretence that the creatures we use are somehow treated ‘humanely’; that somehow we personally are not responsible for any suffering.

Let’s stop right there and think logically. How is it possible to bring beings into existence for the sole purpose of using and killing them as resources and commodities without violating their fundamental right as sentient creatures? The short answer is – it’s not.

There is nothing humane about treating other beings as ‘things’ and and absolutely no need for us to use and consume their bodies. We can drop the pretence and stop lying to ourselves.

Every one of us that uses the bodies and secretions of others is responsible for suffering beyond our ability to imagine.

So let’s be vegan, stay vegan and share the vegan message.

Check out this link with 11 pages of truth.

Find out about veganism here.

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