Chicken Behavior: An Overview of Recent Science

Here is a wonderful and extremely comprehensive link (with sources) about chickens, arguably the most widely abused of all sentient beings, accounting for over 40 billion completely unnecessary deaths each year.  Enjoy.

And be vegan.

Chicken Behavior: An Overview of Recent Science.

What we’ve learned about the avian brain and behavior in just the last 15 years contradicts hundreds of years of misinformed views about chickens and other birds. Much of what was previously thought to be the exclusive domain of human / primate communication, brain and cognitive function, and social behavior is now being discovered in chickens and other birds. It’s nothing short of a revolution in our understanding of chickens!

Recent scientific research into chicken behavior confirms what many who have observed chickens closely for years have long known to be true: chickens are far more intelligent and cognitively sophisticated than previously believed. While intelligence level is not a morally relevant criteria for how we treat others, these findings can help us debunk long-standing prejudices and harmful stereotypes about chickens that contribute to their utterly abysmal status in our society. To be frank, we treat them like unfeeling and unthinking objects. In fact, chickens and turkeys combined represent 99% of all animals killed for food in the U.S. Some 8.7 billion chickens in the U.S. and some 40 billion globally are slaughtered each year at only six weeks of age. ~ Robert Grillo

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One Response to Chicken Behavior: An Overview of Recent Science

  1. auntynini says:

    Man is too ignorantly smug for his own good – chickens are incredibly funny, intelligent, clever, and affectionate. I am on my 3rd year with my original flock and each has their own personality, with complex likes and dislikes. They are also smarter than the dogs!


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