Darkness comes

Please take time to watch this short video and consider sharing it. There is not a drop of blood shown.

Chilling and bleakly lacking in drama, the video conveys the despair and bewildered terror of defenceless young individuals in the place where all hope ends. It depicts a pitiless process and the hard human hands that they cannot evade. They are so afraid, and with cause. This is what happens when beings are regarded as ‘things’, objects and resources instead of the sentient individuals that science has declared them to be. Stopping short of the final gruesome orgy of bloodshed that awaits our victims, this video shows the reality of what happens to provide those vacuum packs of bloodied flesh that we buy when we are not vegan.

These vacuum packs are the last remains of children of another species who desperately did not want to die. When we buy their body parts, or the breast milk their mothers were prevented from giving them, or the eggs they are unable to stop laying because we have tampered with their genes for our financial gain, we are paying for their fear and misery, their utter degradation. By handing over cash for the end result we are paying the wage of every single human whose hands have birthed and reared, pushed and hoisted, cut, sawn and flayed. We are making a statement and casting a vote that says ‘this is fine by me’.

Think about it. Because you do have a choice, while these infants have none. Be vegan. Today.




Video credit Kelly Guerin and Alejandro Gomez-Meade

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6 Responses to Darkness comes

  1. Oliver Wright says:

    Powerful glimpse into animals fear. Thankyou for sharing

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  2. cushpigsmum says:

    Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    I light a candle for them all every day. They are in my thoughts and my heart. I am so sad at what we do to them, so ashamed sometimes to be a member of a species that thinks all of this is ok. It’s not. It truly is not.

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  3. lovegan says:

    Not a drop of blood, yes, but it’s like a horror movie to me 😦 Thanks for posting, I will share and I hope most humans understand: we have NO rights on them, we can’t decide who can live and who must die, we can’t use nor abuse anyone.

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