Question everything


If a business or a company that makes its revenue from the despoiled corpses and dismembered remains of sentient beings uses words like ‘high welfare’ and ‘humane’ or cites endorsement by a so-called ‘animal organisation’, our alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.

Any business where the end ‘product’ requires the premature and unnecessary death of a sentient being is, by its very nature, uncaring about the ‘welfare’ of anyone but its stakeholders. Furthermore no so-called ‘animal organisation’ worthy of the name ever endorses a business that trades in deceased beings.

In business, economical advantage is always the prime concern and any lessening of the degree of torture to which they subject the helpless victims who are regarded as commodities is purely coincidental.

See through the doublespeak and the lies. Be vegan. Spread the vegan message.

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2 Responses to Question everything

  1. Sys Keller says:

    True – and straight to the point! My husband and I have been vegan since february 2013 – NO turnin´back! I have not purchased anything animal produce since then – However I do still own – and appreciate – some wollen clothing and leather boots/shoes. I would prefer to NOT wear anything from animals – but still stuck in my comfort zone – Guess I need to do some serious research on vegan footwear!!


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