Animal cruelty – the solution


So many of us declare that we care about nonhumans. We make a big thing of it. I hear it every day from people in all walks of life. ‘I love animals’, ‘I wouldn’t be without my pets’, ‘I don’t believe in cruelty’.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of horrific nonhuman-related issues you hear about? Many people genuinely do care and have a desperate desire to do something to help but there just seems to be so much violence in the world. It’s so difficult to know where to start, even once we become aware that there is no nutritional or other need for us to use or consume other beings.

There are so many campaigns and petitions, so many donations requested by this organisation or that organisation; there are demands to boycott this or protest against that; there are instances of sickening cruelty to individuals of all species; there are calls to protect this species or save that species.

We don’t need to be overwhelmed though. What if I said that there’s actually only ONE problem that underlies everything? Because it’s true.

There is one problem and that problem is nonveganism; and nonveganism has ONE cause. That cause is speciesism.

So if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, start by becoming vegan and promote veganism everywhere you go. Share the vegan message. It’s the right thing to do, it gets to the heart of the problem and it makes a real difference.

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