Words that deceive: welfare


Animal Welfare: noun
the protection of the health and well-being of animals

Animal Welfare is one of the worst defined, most over-used terms in the world of non-human exploitation. It is assumed to mean something similar to the dictionary definition above but in fact means nothing close.

Those who claim concern for the ‘welfare’ of non humans promote conditions that they consider cause lower levels of torture to beings that have been brought into existence by our species as commodities for the specific purpose of our unnecessary use of their bodies.

What I would like to know, is how come we have so many torture experts in the world? Were I to be imprisoned in a cell or confined in a dense group of others – both situations unnatural for my species – no or minimal medical attention, surgical mutilations without anaesthesia, forced insemination and my children taken from me at a time of some other’s choosing having been mutilated before my helpless eyes – how come there are so many people that believe themselves knowledgeable enough to argue what is ‘better’ for me, what causes me ‘less harm’, what is ‘humane’?

I find it disturbing that so many people who have never experienced imprisonment, deprivation or abuse are happy to argue in favour of standards they cannot possibly know anything about from a victim’s perspective.

All we need to know is that other beings are sentient. That should accord them the same respect we give to humans.

We need to stop being torture experts. They are not ours. They have their own awareness, their own needs, hopes and wants. Go vegan, promote the abolition of ALL exploitation and share the vegan message

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One Response to Words that deceive: welfare

  1. The term seems to be frequently over-used by people who on the one hand seems to care about certain animals (e.g. freak out when an elephant was killed) but not so much about animals where the meat comes from. And in discussions they only seem to buy meat from the farmer next door.


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