Speciesism is the underlying problem that blinkers humans into the belief that they are so superior to all other beings on the planet that they may harm and destroy them at a whim, without any moral justification whatsoever.

Speciesism is why we kill and eat other beings when we don’t need to.

Speciesism is why we love dogs and cats and why fundraisers are held for rescues where the pitiful corpses of other sentients who most definitely did not want to die are dismembered, charred and eaten by people discussing how they ‘love’ animals.

Speciesism is why some of us sign petitions against fur, zoos etc. while eating burgers, eggs and drinking milk, vociferously treading the moral high ground in leather boots and wool jackets while failing to spot any irony whatsoever.

Speciesism is why we think that a supposed reduction in the level of torture (aka ‘welfare’) is a ‘step in the right direction’ for some species where it would be vile and completely unthinkable for humans

There is a way to cast aside the blinkers of speciesism. Go vegan and spread the vegan message.

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3 Responses to Speciesism

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  3. Leila Lina says:

    I completely agree. Humans are just 1 of the 8.7 million species that share this earth. It’s about time that we start acting like it! I wish everyone could understand that all living creatures are capable of feeling pain, suffering, and fear. Once it becomes clear that humans do not deserve to keep their lives anymore than pigs or cows or birds or any other creatures do, we will be living in a much more compassionate world.


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