Mixed messages, half measures and missed opportunities


I am disgusted with welfarist organisations, totally fed up with ‘animal rights’ organisations that fail to stress that the most basic right of a sentient being is the right not to be the property of any other being. I am weary of contemptible money making businesses that masquerade as ‘animal’ organisations, that have the name ‘vegan’ in their title but don’t promote veganism, that have ‘hog’ farmers on their board of directors, that use sexism to promote their speciesist and racist single issues, that focus their attention on horror stories of ‘inhumane’ practices, suggesting that somehow it is possible to exploit and kill the helpless in a ‘humane’ manner if you just make them a donation. There are far too many organisations that do not ask their supporters to examine their own inconsistencies but rather sell absolution for human apathy by the dollar, pound or euro.

It seems to me that as soon as an organisation starts to solicit donations, they ditch their principles because let’s face it, money is the same colour whether we’re vegan or not. That is disappointingly predictable and is not so shocking as ‘animal lovers’ who, without stopping to consider the issues, repeat the tired old ‘we’re all on the same side’ mantra.

I am even more sick of seeing accusations of ‘divisiveness’ and ‘sniping’ so I would like to be crystal clear here. I am in favour of the complete end to all use of other individuals. That means that I am completely, 100%, against ALL non human exploitation. I am 100% against regulating torture. I am against single issue campaigns and petitions that solicit signatures without having the decency, the basic honesty to point out that unless a protester is vegan, they are responsible for every bit as much harm as the petition is trying to stop. I am against woolly, unclear messages that seek to avoid offence and make those who continue to perpetrate or fund the torture of my kin to feel more comfortable.

I am NOT on the same side as anyone unless they are 100% for the cessation of all use. That is not divisiveness. If someone supports regulating torture and I support ending it completely, that makes us polar opposites.

There are broken mothers screaming for their babies, distraught babies whimpering for their mothers, terrified, sentient beings pouring their warm living blood onto killing floors, slaves and prisoners being tortured and mutilated as I type. I speak for them. I have no right or authority whatsoever to do any less than plead their case and I will not dilute the message because it is the truth.

And contrary to what some would have you believe – yes, you DO have to be vegan. If that makes me an ‘extremist’, a ‘purist’ as those who share my views have recently been called, I accept the label gladly.

That is not ‘sniping’. In my book that’s just plain honesty. If you want to continue to exploit the vulnerable, it will not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

If however you are not yet vegan and are transitioning, I am happy to provide information, encouragement and assistance. No one will be happier than I on the day you finally cross that border and become vegan.

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